Candy Crush Download

Candy Crush is an excellent game that has become very popular on Facebook so addictive it is to be. Those who play, you must have an account on the most used social network in the world and then find the app in the browser, without downloading or anything like that, because Candy Crush for PC download only through Facebook and Internet connection. If you have a mobile phone or device you can count on this game.

candy crush download

Download Candy Crush is free and if you have an Android phone you explain how you should do to download it and start playing:

  1. First of all you enter the Google Play Store.
  2. Then you have to put in the search box the name of the game “Candy Crush Saga” to appear and you can put a download. The first to appear is the right.
  3. Once you’ve found the game you can put a download playing the Read More…

Candy Crush for PC

There is much talk today of Candy Crush version for PC, the hit game that has over 10 million active users worldwide and first appeared on Facebook and then expanded to mobile devices, always related to social network anyway.

You can play offline taking Candy Crush Saga Application for Android and play the first area without the need to have associated a Facebook account, but after advancing to the next area or connect itself because it takes only three inputs can be given by friends also play connection needed then and friends, something that I’ve probably already said before, has a large number of active users and do not believe that friends are the exception. Everything is related to the social network, so can not wait to play without even casual connection therewith.

candy crush for pc

The Addiction caused by Candy Crush for Pc is because it has a great simplicity and endless combinations that can make you achieve the best possible results. Here are some tricks for Crush Candy Saga so you can improve the observations made by his friends and move up in the rankings: Read More…

Candy Crush Saga

It has become very popular in the title of Candy Crush Saga and want to make special mention of it, because everyone knows that would be great and yes I can know that is one of the most addictive games that exist today. You are about to become a classic of titles online and offline, because it is only available through Facebook, but that can be downloaded on mobile too and can enjoy each of its levels, which some are more than 300, so the number of levels is amazing and will take a long time trying to overcome, as they are much more complicated than they seem. It is a strategy game in which you need a lot of patience and experience levels to move through the most complicated.

candy crush saga

On Facebook (If you dont have an account, click here) you can play comfortably and has been specially designed to be played in the most used social network in the world, so if you play it from there you will have all the options and varieties available. If you start to play first pass through Read More…

Candy Crush Saga for Android

Candy Crush Saga for PC is also available on mobile devices like tablets or mobile phones and now we’ll show you everything related to it. If wanted to know more about Candy Crush Saga for Android had come to the right place because we will explain what gives the game its tricks and best options.

candy crush saga for android

Candy Crush Saga Download For Android

If you want to have in your Android terminal the game, then you should go to the Store Play Google in the browser and type “Candy Crush Saga” and the first application that is listed is the official and there you go. Once inside, you will see a description, images and videos that will tell a bit more about it. Click “Install” and the application will begin downloading, after finishing the download will automatically install and you can play Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Saga Tricks

If you play on your Android phone you know there are several Candy Crush Saga Tricks which are based on different combinations you can do in it:

  • Make combinations of 4: These sweets are made with four of the same color and create a new one that you can remove an entire row when it explodes. If you combine it with another four, regardless of the color of it, can cause them to explode two entire rows, one horizontal and one vertical.
  • Making combinations of a 5: these are achieved in two ways. One is with 5 to matching thread 3 and another is vertically and 3 horizontally, giving a total of 5. With the Read More…

Candy Crush Saga Tricks

The Candy Crush Saga is one of the games of the moment and will become a classic in Facebook and other platforms in a simple but addictive that it be. In the game you must combine caramel one to crush and join these points for you, so the more the better your score will explode and will advance in the classification where all your Facebook friends who also play.

Here we bring you a few tricks Candy Crush Saga so they can achieve better scores and pass to all your friends on Facebook.

candy crush tricks

One of the most common combinations is the construction of four candy, that will give you the same color, but zero is able to exploit and eliminate a whole line. If you combine two sweet kind and any color you can operate two complete lines, vertical and horizontal.

Another pretty good combination in Candy Crush for PC and you should do whenever you can is arming the sweet out of 5 which is made with five candies of the same color and they will give as a special reward that could explode at all sweet a color. This also can combine with other sweets like four, and if you do make will achieve all that color in candy four and explode after this. You can also combine it with other Read More…

What is Candy Crush Play?

It has earned a reputation over the last year, the game Candy Crush, and although not everyone knows, is one of the most downloaded on Android with millions of downloads and on Facebook there are millions of people who play it not only monthly, but daily, showing the degree of addition that has caused the game. If you do not know, have come to the right place because you say that is Candy Crush and the reasons for the success of this game does not seem complicated or very attractive, but has managed to capture a lot of people by the type of game translates to more profitable entertainment companies.

candy crush play

Candy Crush or Play Candy Crush Saga, as known to the current edition of the game is just that, a game, which is available on Facebook and other platforms, but has made social network was born, so to play is necessary to have a account there and if you have the same application installed on your phone, through the first section will ask you to link your Facebook account to ask your friends to help unlock the next level of the game. It promotes only entertainment but also social interaction, as it has a list on a classification system that has achieved results shows that compared with those who received their Facebook friends to create a healthy competition to reach the top positions are that best play.

The game is basically connecting at least three types of sweet, hence its name. And if you can connect more than three sweet you can go by different combinations that allow four combinations sweets you manage to remove an entire row and five can exploit all the candies of the same color. Then there are many combinations Read More…