Candy Crush Download

Candy Crush is an excellent game that has become very popular on Facebook so addictive it is to be. Those who play, you must have an account on the most used social network in the world and then find the app in the browser, without downloading or anything like that, because Candy Crush for PC download only through Facebook and Internet connection. If you have a mobile phone or device you can count on this game.

candy crush download

Download Candy Crush is free and if you have an Android phone you explain how you should do to download it and start playing:

  1. First of all you enter the Google Play Store.
  2. Then you have to put in the search box the name of the game “Candy Crush Saga” to appear and you can put a download. The first to appear is the right.
  3. Once you’ve found the game you can put a download playing the “Install”.
  4. Wait until the game is downloaded and installed automatically which takes no more than a couple of minutes and get it ready to use when you want.
  5. Finally press the “Open” to start playing.

It’s that easy Candy Crush Saga download for Android, the game that has broken down barriers and became a classic because of its simplicity and it becomes a very addictive title. If you do not know what it is and how to play we give a simple explanation:

You are in the city of sweets and crush you as much as possible to score points, so you need to make combinations of at least three of the same type sweets to make them disappear. If you can combine more better since four of the same color you will see a special sweet to exploit clears an entire five row and get a special sweet candy can exploit all of the same type. There are several combinations that you will see during the early stages and that will serve to achieve as many points as possible. Try to use the least amount of moves and time as you can to be gaining more points so you can beat your friends in Facebook ranking positions. Every time I try to go to a new area in Candy Crush Saga, you should ask three of your friends to send you a ticket, so yes or yes need a link to your account if you want to play more levels than the area initial.

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