Candy Crush for PC

There is much talk today of Candy Crush version for PC, the hit game that has over 10 million active users worldwide and first appeared on Facebook and then expanded to mobile devices, always related to social network anyway.

You can play offline taking Candy Crush Saga Application for Android and play the first area without the need to have associated a Facebook account, but after advancing to the next area or connect itself because it takes only three inputs can be given by friends also play connection needed then and friends, something that I’ve probably already said before, has a large number of active users and do not believe that friends are the exception. Everything is related to the social network, so can not wait to play without even casual connection therewith.

candy crush for pc

The Addiction caused by Candy Crush for Pc is because it has a great simplicity and endless combinations that can make you achieve the best possible results. Here are some tricks for Crush Candy Saga so you can improve the observations made by his friends and move up in the rankings:

Make combinations of four. Sweets are made with four of the same color and remove a row exploited full of them then you can do more combinations. If you combine two four, whatever their color, will eliminate two rows complete one horizontal and one vertical.

Make combinations of 5. This need of 5 candies of the same color and give you a super sweet which is able to remove all the color you choose below. If combined with a four-exploit all of that color sweet like four, ie super explosive mixture. And then there is the best possible combination, which is two of these sweets, which will operate throughout the candy board.

Start from the bottom up. This will help you get better results and better use of the moves at your disposal, you will never run. If you start to have more possibilities to achieve by random combinations since falling above combos candy can be generated automatically, ie without the need to move the pieces. You can also apply with gelatin and chocolate Candy Crush, the first should try to eliminate first the sides and the other will go by inertia, while the second will be kept out because otherwise it will be played to fill your screen.

If you want to download candy crush, click here.

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